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EcoMicrobials, LLC (“the Company”) was founded and incorporated in Florida in 2001. From inception, the Company has been engaged in the development, manufacture, and marketing of environmentally compatible products for the agriculture industry.
EcoMicrobials employs a process that is known as bio-augmentation, to protect a wide cross section of crops and increase crop yields. Similar to the use of microbes in products like yogurt, cheese, beer, and wine, bio-augmentation with microbes can also be used in terrestrial and aquatic systems to restore a healthy environment for the development of plants and animals, to stimulate their growth, and to control diseases.
What makes our products unique is the consistency of results obtained with their use. This consistency is due to:

  • formulations made with selected strains of microbes that carry out specific synergistic activities,
  • balanced microbial nutrients added to the products that stimulate microbial adaptation, colonization, multiplication and activity,
  • integration of elements in programs that have been developed throughout years of field research.  

EcoMicrobials, LLC. is a Florida Limited Liability Company with a production plant located at 7003 North Waterway Drive, Unit 214, Miami, FL 3155. Our phone number is (305) 420-6633 and our fax number is (305) 572-9020. Our primary email address is info@EcoMicrobials.com, and our website can be found at http://www.EcoMicrobials.com.