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What it EcoFlora?

What it EcoFlora?
EcoFlora is a complete microbial amendment (bacteria and fungi) that brings life back to impoverished soils and foliage of plants resulting in faster plant development, better growth, vigor and productivity of all crops.

How does Ecoflora works?
EcoFlora directly provides essential nutrients to the roots and foliage of plants. EcoFlora indirectly enhances plant growth and development by bringing life back to the soil and thus recycle, make available and retain nutrients to support plant requirements.

How to apply EcoFlora?
EcoFlora can be applied to the soil with any type of irrigation systems. EcoFlora can be applied to the foliage with any devise used for this type of application

EcoFlora control of fungus in turf Download
EcoFlora control of Fusarium in Lisianthus Download
EcoFlora in Basil Download
EcoFlora in roses Download
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