EN ES Technical Sheet

What is ECOVIGOR ?
ECOVIGOR is a liquid bacteria formula that stimulates plant growth, homogeneity and vigorous plant productivity.

How does ECOVIGOR works ?
The microbes in ECOVIGOR grow in association with the roots and foliage of plants and produce essential nutrients for the plant, including hormones that stimulate plant development.

How to apply ECOVIGOR ?
ECOVIGOR can be applied to the soil or foliage with any devise used for this type of application. A simultaneous application of ECONUTRIENT along with ECOVIGOR enhances the effectiveness of the product.


Results with single product

EN ES   EcoVigor control nematodes in grapes
EN ES   EcoVigor in carnations Vanessa & Kessem
EN ES   EcoVigor in carnations var. Nelson
EN ES   EcoVigor in corn
EN ES   EcoVigor in ginger
EN ES   EcoVigor in potatoes var. criolla
EN ES   EcoVigor in roses
EN ES   EcoVigor in turmeric