EN ES Technical Sheet

Integrated Programs

Integrated programs are those that involve the use of more than one product, benefiting the crops by the synergistic effects of these combinations, which have for years been proven effective by third parties.

Some of these integrated programs rely on the use of products manufactured by us, as well as by other companies, such as ECOSIL (CIBUSIL) and COMCAT. These products can be purchased from Shemin Garden in the USA, Agraforum in Germany and South Africa using the following links:


Results with single product

EN ES   Integrated in rice 1
EN ES   Integrated in rice 2
EN ES   Integrated in rice 3
EN ES   Integrated in flowers (Gerbera)
EN ES   Integrated in palm oil and coccoa
EN ES   Integrated DOLE best quality fruit award
EN ES   Integrated EcoFlora EcoSil for control of Black Sigatoka in Banana
EN ES   Integrated EcoFlora EcoSil in bananas
EN ES   Integrated EcoFungi EcoFlora EcoSil Comcat in potatoes
EN ES   Integrated EcoFungi Ecosil on cotton