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Who we are.

About Us

Ecomicrobials (“the Company”) was founded and incorporated in Florida in 2001. From inception, the Company has been engaged in the development, manufacture, and marketing of environmentally compatible products for the agriculture industry.
EcoMicrobials employs a process that is known as bio-augmentation, to protect a wide cross section of crops and increase crop yields. Similar to the use of microbes in products like yogurt, cheese, beer, and wine, bio-augmentation with microbes can also be used in terrestrial and aquatic systems to restore a healthy environment for the development of plants and animals, to stimulate their growth, and to control diseases.
What makes our products unique is the consistency of results obtained with their use. This consistency is due to:

  • formulations made with selected strains of microbes that carry out specific synergistic activities,

  • balanced microbial nutrients added to the products that stimulate microbial adaptation, colonization, multiplication and activity,

  • integration of elements in programs that have been developed throughout years of field research. 


Our People

Dr. Philippe Douillet, Founder & President. 

Dr. Philippe Douillet has served as the president of EcoMicrobials since 2001, when he founded the Company. Dr. Douillet is the driving force behind the Company, and solely entitled to receive credit for developing the Company’s unique line of products and its solid intellectual property position. 
At present, Dr. Douillet serves as Adjunct Assistant Professor at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami, in Miami, Florida. He holds a B.S. in Marine Biology from Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano in Colombia, a M.S. in Marine Environmental Sciences from State University of New York at Stony Brook, and a PhD in Fisheries and Aquaculture from Oregon State University. 
Besides his involvement in various research projects, Dr. Douillet is a published author and frequent speaker at scientific conferences and symposiums around the globe. 

Marco Armijos, Vice-president.

Mr. Armijos joined EcoMicrobials in 2003, after observing the promising results of our field trials in Ecuador. Mr. Armijos is a successful businessman and owner of a manufacturing company in the state of New York.  He is also a key investor in EcoMicrobials and supports the execution of our growth strategy as a board member.  
Mr. Armijos is a shareholder and president of Mundo Verde, our distributors in Ecuador.


Our Philosophy

Our planet’s rapid population growth and rising demand for plant and animal crops has led to the widespread use of toxic pesticides, polluting artificial fertilizers, and genetically modified organisms. These practices and the crops that are produced employing these practices are long known to adversely affect the health of field workers and consumers, and they result in a rapidly advancing destruction of soils, pollution of waters, and disappearance of beneficial species.

At EcoMicrobials, LLC., it is our mission to study the vast variety of natural mechanisms that evolved over thousands of years and provide for a more balanced approach to increasing crop productivity, enhancing soil fertility, and controlling pathogens.

We at EcoMicrobials are dedicated to developing, manufacturing, and marketing organic and 100% environmentally compatible products that deliver consistent results and thus provide for a cost effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to using chemical products.