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What is EcoFlush?
EcoFlush is a dry blend of bacteria strains and yeasts enriched with balanced nutrients to treat food industry wastewater high in organic matter, organic rich sediment loaded lagoons used in animal husbandry, municipal sewage plants and septic tanks. EcoFlush improves the water treatment system effectiveness by controlling operational fluctuations due to peaks of accumulation, as well as mass reductions due to increases in hydraulic charge.

How does EcoFlush work?
The microbes in EcoFlush break down particulate organic matter and absorb the different forms of dissolved organic matter as well as inorganic forms of nitrogen (ammonia, nitrite) and phosphorus.




EcoFlush and EcoGrease at Montegrabriela sewage plant Download
EcoFlush and EcoGrease for water quality improvement in fish processing plant Download
EcoFlush Cold in upset recovery of waste water plant Download
EcoFlush for odor control in swine farm Download
EcoFlush in Aguas del Valle lagoons Download
EcoFlush in portable toilets Download
–EcoGrease and EcoFlush in Cecinas Hinojosa Download
–EcoGrease and EcoFlush to treat effluents in a chicken processing facility Download